Monday, March 13, 2006


So it started raining all of a sudden here, and I can hear the thunder. I love thunder. Mostly, when I'm inside a home that has power and I have a fire going. But I'll take power and a high speed internet connection also.

Issac Hays is quitting South Park. He was the voice of Chef, and I liked him on that show. I love that show. I guess my gallows humor is a product of my former career. And that show pokes fun at everyone. Did you know that Issac was a Scientologist? Me neither.

Sorry this is a boring post. Lemme give you a great website to make up for my ramblings. I give you the soon to be taken over by CNET (a good thing), Chowhound. If you like food, as I do, check this site out. Great knowledgeable people.

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