Friday, June 16, 2006

Why Graham hates the media

I've never really liked the media. I hate the fake voice the TV reporters use. I hate the fact that no one ever gets the story right, and I hate the sneaky ways they work.

I was teaching a class on hurricane preparedness on the Cape last week. So there was a reporter there who wanted some comments, so I gave him some good, appropriate lines to put in his daily rag. So this guy sits in my class, and unbeknownst to me, writes down what I say. Now, when I teach a class, I use sarcasm, hyperbole, and a lot of humor. Most of this doesn't come out in print.

So here is Graham in the press.
Try to guess what lines I knew were going to be in the paper, and which ones I had no clue he was going to put in there. The Director of my agency thank God has a sense of humor about the whole situation.

Blood suckers...


Anonymous said...

it wasn't that bad! i think the reporter was a little pissy since you called his profession "a necessary evil."

just watch what you say about accountants...

maikib said...

You're famous!!

You should know better than to insult reporters... you have friends that are reporters!

Rest assured, it's not bad... you come off as the "expert"-- maybe that's the scary thing... heehee.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you came off that bad at all. Although, of course, valuable lesson learned: if you don't specifically say it's off the record, anything that comes out of your mouth is suitable for quoting.