Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Alright, fess up

So I received one of those "I couldn't deliver your package, because apparently you have a job like I do" - grams from FedEX. I signed for it and left it back on my door this morning, and I was pleased to see a package from Apple that had been overnighted to me.

Inside the box was a refurnished* 30GB Video Ipod. Black. Hotness. And an invoice.

No note. No card. Nada.

So I think it could be Will. Or perhaps Mikie. I have no idea. Anybody want to come forward. And this isn't like when someone finds twenty bucks and everyone claims it. I need Scout's Honor here people. We need some honor. A trait that some of my friends are bankrupt in.

* I realize that the correct word is refurbished. However, a cop I used to work with confused the two all the time, with a thick Domincan accent. Merry Christmas Jose Tejada. May the underside of your tree be filled with refurnished electronics and your house be spic and shine.

1 comment:

maikib said...

I'm super nice but even i'm not that super nice.

haha. jose. i'm cracking up.