Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Gonna Set My Soul on Fire

Vegas, Part Deux.

So when we last left our hero, he had consumed a hotdog of pig lips and sheep assholes and was feeling pretty smug about his find. My pit stop won Top 3 places we went all weekend long. Numbers 1 and 2 were Cleopatra's Barge, which was this awesome 70's era nightclub in Caesar's Palace and I believe the hotel bar behind the Wynn, which was really beautiful. I have a really great photo of me in front of this place, but Blogger isn't cooperating, so check out the Flickr Stream.

We went out and did all the casino's. One of my other faves was the Frontier, with it's 99-cent shrimp cocktail and other incredibly cheap eats. However the owners of the Plaza bought this place up and will be demolishing it at the end of July. Very sad.

We saw David Copperfield. I actually realize no one knows what my friend looks like, so here is a photo. I was doing a 4 thing with my hand, and I look awesome. The back story here is that we've known each other for 13 years now, having met when we both thought we might be actors. And now we just act like we're adults. She currently resides in Crescent City. That's New Orleans for those not in the know.

So we saw David Copperfield, and he did some cool stuff, like shrink himself and make a Lincoln appear on stage. But the guy totally phoned it in. I guess when you're David Copperfield, you can do that. But it just looked bad. Not to mention, we had to sit through 15 minutes of clip compilations of all the times he'd been mentioned on TV or been on talk shows. Conspicuously absent was any mention of his fauxmance with Claudia Schiffer.

A real highlight of the trip was getting to spend time with my friend, Sung. We went to college together, and I hadn't seen him in a loong time. He was a really nice guy in college, and he remains top notch. We went out to a club, which is not my scene. But he bought me a drink that had dry ice in it and was in a fishbowl, which was awesome. He felt bad about the $40 cover. But the view from the place, Voodoo Lounge, plus the scantily clad bridesmaids and bachelorettes who were shaking their ass, was worth it. In case you wondered, Graham did not shake his ass, or meet Mrs. Campbell on this trip.

I did later that night, eat a $2.99 breakfast that was huge from this place at 5AM. That was something. I haven't been out that late in a very long time. Vegas is the place for naps I've realized.

And then after much drinking, laughing, and eating, I piled my ass back on a full American flight, connected in DFW, and made it home. Nice to sleep in my own bed. I am now eating PB&J to save for the payments I have to make for this trip, but it was well worth it. Emily's parents consider me a fourth son, and I am very happy to carry that title.

And now I need to get my ass to bed.....

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Anonymous said...

Emily Eagen-Campbell doesn't have such a bad ring to it though. After all, she did ride a sedan chair. Graham, I can't tell who's my bigger supporter, you or Dian Smith.