Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Can't I make your product with 5 fingers?

Today, I went shopping, but not at the shopping plaza near my house because that parking lot spawns cars and is constantly full. So I went to another one and bought $70 worth of food. On things like Hamburger Helper, and various juices and veggies and fruit. I don't buy food often enough, and I essentially buy food to replace the food that has turned colors in my fridge. Like my greasy turkey. Now I have new turkey. And bologna. Yes, there is a 30-year old that still eats bologna.

And don't know if your state is one of these 40, but you might want to check this article out. I totally agree with this policy and think everyone should do it. I think the changing lanes option is better than the slowing down policy.

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Tory Davis said...

Oh Cracker, you need my Kitchen Coaching services! When I come to lovely Boston (maybe end of January?) perhaps we can schedule some time.
Though there's nothing wrong with bologna, not if it makes you happy.