Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Florida Primary Results

So the world knows now that McCain won in Florida and Romney came in second. And yes Hillary came in first in a state that gives her no delegates. I'm currently feeling Obama.

However the big news is Giuliani, my former boss. He staked it all on Florida and came up looking like a dumbass as he is currently fighting off Huckabee for 3rd. I for one, as a former NYC police officer, couldn't be happier. This is what happens Rudy when you wage a mayoral campaign, senate campaign and then presidential campaign on the fact that you lowered crime in NYC. In reality, it was the police that lowered crime, and Rudy thanked them by giving them double zero's as retro-raises. And it's not just the cops, this man is a uniter in that he brings loathing from both sides of the NYC public safety community.

Karma is a bitch, Rudy. Now please McCain, don't take him as your running mate.

And if you missed the State of the Union, my good friend Waka will gladly break it down right here:

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Anonymous said...

RJ here, If you feel that way why didnt you say anything during your employment. no wonder you moved to Boston!