Monday, February 28, 2011

These guys must have gone to Suffolk

Tonight finds me on the Left Coast in lovely Commerce, California.  You've never heard of it.  It's easier to just call it LA, since it's in the sprawling metropolis, a few cities away from downtown.  My hotel overlooks these outlet malls, called the Citadel, and they're shaped like a fortress.  Odd place.  It looks like this.

We were driving to In N Out, for dinner.  (Double Double, Animal Style, in case you were wondering) We happened to pass through the City of Vernon, CA.  Their motto is "Exclusively Industrial".  I thought that was an odd phrase, certainly discouraging residents.  But the more I thought about it, perhaps high on burger juices, I realized that this city was brilliant.  You have all the tax base with none of the services.  No schools, or parks departments, or any services that whining residents care about.  You'd have tons of money to do whatever you wanted.

And, after some internet research after dinner, it turns out that they pretty much did whatever they wanted.  And their city manager was collecting a salary of $800,000.  Oh, and they have a population of 90, people.  See, people tell me government is not where the money is.  Idiots.


alohab said...

that outlet mall used to be a tire factory. we passed by this on our way to disneyland several times a month. i used to have broken, blacked out windows then one day in my teens became a mall. it was one of the first ones that i remember...

Hero to the Masses said...

Cool! Thanks for the info. It's huge. I can see it being a factory. Hope the girls are good!