Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Ad I Hate Most

There's an ad running right now from Prudential that is clearly designed for Boomers or those about to retire.  Here it is:

I get it. This ad is designed for long-time employees of companies like GM or IBM and others where you earn the gold watch and then decide what to do. I call bullshit. None of those jobs they mentioned couldn't have been had sooner. I get it. Its scary.  I've worked in three states.  I have two pensions and about 5 401Ks.  This is how it works.  Not for my parents.  But for me.  I'm not waiting for 65 to do what I want to do.  That time is now.  Life is way too short to toil at a job for 35 years to get to do what I want to do.

Everyone wants their kids to have better than them.  Even if I had kids, that wouldn't be possible.  My Dad was a banker and my mom was an interior decorator.  I learned to live my life whatever that means, and especially without kids that means being happy, which I am.  Allyson and I travel to different countries every year and that matters way to me than saving an extra $35 a month so that maybe when both my hips are fake I can have the life I dream.

Live the life you want now.  No one will judge you later.  They'll only be jealous.

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