Thursday, April 03, 2014

Year of Fitness: It's Still Happening

Perhaps you forgot that 2014 is my Year of Fitness.  I forgive you.  It was a cold winter.  And to be honest, I'm taking the approach to this that it's a marathon and not a sprint.  Some may say this is lazy.  I say it's strategy.

I returned to the gym today for a GRIT class.  This is a 30 minute high intensity exercise class and they have different versions, Strength, Cardio and Plyometrics.  I did the cardio class this afternoon and briefly saw my God I think at some point.  Here's a video of the class:

Whereas I looked like Mary Katherine Gallagher. Well her crossed with a drunken albatross.  Group exercise classes are odd to me.  In a room with strangers, being exhorted by another stranger to move faster and harder.  The idea behind Grit is that it's only 30 minutes per workout, and because of that you need to work twice as hard as hour-long workouts.  This means that I was pretty much done right after the "warmup"

You know how I know I was the biggest mess in class?  The instructor kept telling me I was doing a good job by name.  No one else got as many atta-boys as I did.  This only leads me to conclude that I must have looked like someone having a grand mal seizure to house music.  The instructor did break the news that she was going back to school and wouldn't be teaching the 5:30PM class in the summer.  I remember thinking that I didn't know that the CIA had a torture academy beginning so soon.

It hurts everywhere, especially the next day.  I don't know if I have GRIT.  I do have cramps and the body of a giant baby.  

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