Monday, July 10, 2006

Nightmare on Elm St.

So my roommate came into my room about 30 minutes ago to tell me that the Somerville PD was at our door about a burglary. It seems that my upstairs neighbor had her place broken into. It was a forced break, which means they used a tool that left marks in the door. But the other two apartments were unscathed by these hooligans. Jeff and I started joking about it the second after it happened, which is the way that many of us deal with stuff like this.

She lives alone, so I told her she could always knock on our door. Not that we're a lot of good. But we're here. Or at least I am. Jeff has a lovely lady he spends lots of time with. I got to talk shop to the detective. I'm pretty confident this case will never get solved.

Oh, and I have yet to use the above title. So it's not really hackneyed yet.

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