Monday, July 31, 2006

Some late night thoughts

Before I turn in, I had some random thoughts that I thought I'd get off my chest.

You ever wonder why life can be so hard sometimes? It gets you thinking about whether you're the one making it harder. I think I'm guilty of that sometimes. However there are days, weeks and sometimes months when it seems like the breaks aren't coming your way. Life is awesome and funny and wonderful, full of good drinks and laughter and friends. Life can also be scary and incredibly lonely and full of risks and doubt. I find it occasionally incongruous that it can be both, sometimes in the same day.

Saw my roommates' band, Uncle Shaker, play. They are really good. I highly recommend you download their music from Itunes. Americana/alt-country. Good stuff, and really nice guys. Always happy to go out and support the boys.

Happy 1st day of August. Where the hell has the summer gone?


Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm of the opinion that really being alive is exactly what you described: great sadness and loss and confusion pressed up against warm fuzzies and sweet joy. Life is messy and inconsistent, and out of the morass (if we're awake to it) come our beautiful, heartbreaking lives.
I'd say you got it just right.

Hero to the Masses said...

Well said young lady. Thanks for the sage words.