Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ah yuh

I am back from the wilds of Maine! Well, they weren't so wild. I was actually staying at a Comfort Inn outside of Augusta. I had a meeting up there for work. It was a nice place. I found a great brew pub called the Liberal Cup in Hallowell, ME. Smallest City in America apparently, with around 2,400 residents.

Anyway, a colleague of mine is also the fire chief up there. Small department, 2 engines and 15 volunteers. This marks his 25th year as chief. And how does the city reward him for his services?

They tell him he needs to move his firehouse, so that they can put a restaurant in there. Apparently, the largest restaurant in town had a fire a few weeks back and needs to find new space. Poor Mike. He was blindsided. I hope he gets to keep his firehouse. Where the hell will they put the trucks?

I'm back for a little while. I just saw "The Virgin Suicides." Beautiful movie. Sad and yet a love story. It was a really touching viewpoint from the boys across the street.

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