Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kind of pissed

So does anyone remember Harper's Index? You probably had a teacher in high school cut it out and read it in social studies or history. It was basically a collection of stats that they paired to make a point, like so:

  • Percentage of American adults held in either prisons or mental institutions
    in 1953 and today, respectively: 0.67, 0.68
  • Percentage ofthese adults in 1953 who were in mental institutions: 75
  • Percentage today who are in prisons: 97
Anyway, I used to be able to read these online when I remembered they existed, which was once a year usually. Well, no longer. Now I have to subscribe. Great idea Harpers. You already have an incredibly low subscriber base, I'm sure charging teachers and geeks like me to read the only interesting thing in your worthless magazine seems like a good idea. Well, I'm sad now, and certainly not going to subscribe. And I really don't care that it's the second oldest contiuously published monthly magazine in the U.S.

Guesses on the first?


tom said...

Reader's Digest?

Steve said...

Reader's Digest?

Can't be. The CIA isn't that old.

I can't think of a good guess. The Atlantic Monthly?