Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I hate Meth

So I'm sick. Took a sick day today and everything. I normally sound like Barry White when I'm sick, however today I sound much like a seal. Not so hot. Anyway, I went to CVS to purchase some cold remedies. This always strikes me as funny because there's no cure for the common cold, which makes this akin to visiting some place that sells hair tonic or something.

At CVS I remembered again why I hate methamphetamine. Not because the explosions from meth labs kill hundreds of people a year, or because it destroys peoples lives and families. No, I hate meth addicts because they make it hard to get decent cold medicine. The good stuff, with pseudophedrine. In case you didn't know, Sudafed is one of the main items needed to cook meth, which means I had to go to the counter and give over my driver's license and a signature before I could enjoy clear nasal passages.

As a kid, you would see condoms behind the register and think what a hassle it must be to get those. Now, cold medicine is the new condoms. And sadly, I needed what was behind the counter today a lot more than what was behind it years ago.


girlski said...

get over it. the meth industry sustains the economy in my hometown. if only they would pay taxes on the commerce.... my high school would be top-notch.....

Anonymous said...

Meth is good for the complextion, and builds strong teeth and bones!