Sunday, June 26, 2011


I got a Groupon or Living Social deal for two months of Sunday delivery of the Washington Post.  And I love it.  Not probably enough to actually order it without a discount, but you never know.  As a sidebar, I think the fact that I can't remember whether it was a Groupon or a Living Social deal probably doesn't bode well for their branding. 

Anyway, it reminded me of college where on Sundays, we would go get brunch and all gather around the tables and someone would buy the Times (or more likely you'd find spare copies left) and we'd read and pass sections around.  They even had a guy playing on the piano.  Looking back on it, I'm reminded once again of how awesome college was.  I wonder if in the future the kids will all have their heads buried in their tablets, which is slightly depressing.  But maybe it's not. 

Sunday is the day of rest and I think its probably the only day that everyone, religious or not, listens to God.  It literally is a day where they shifted a whole meal period at least 4 hours later and added alcohol.  As an aside, I hate brunch.  I find it annoyingly filled with lots of people who have brown flip-flops on their feet and sunglasses on the back of their head.  Besides, I like eating breakfast at a diner stool for about $6.  The idea that people regularly pay three times that for basically the same food seems ridiculous. 


Steve said...

As I've almost certainly mentioned to you before, I think brunch is the most civilized of meals. I'll admit it's tough to find a good brunch spot, though, or at least is has been for me ("good" here equals "tasty and inexpensive"). Maybe I've been spoiled by Milwaukee.

Also, sunglasses don't go on the back of your head, they go in the breast pocket of your seersucker jacket. Everyone knows that.

Anonymous said...

Eisenberg's especially where the daily news is free, the coffee bottomless and the conversations with ex-cops entertaining.