Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Weekend Your Primary Care Physician Warned You About

So this weekend, I flew to Columbus to meet up with my brother Ross and continue on our epic quest to win a satin jacket from a bar by drinking 100 beers in one year.  The three brothers started this quest in January, which was designed to coincide with visits to visit our 2 year old niece who lives in Colum time, bus where my brother teaches at OSU.  However this time, the family is in China where Broxton has been doing research on lakes.  So, with our beer count at 37, Ross and I decided to fly out to Columbus, stay at a hotel nearby one of the bars, and get it down.  So lets get down to the numbers, shall we?

  • Number of miles traveled: 646 miles
  • Number of beers imbibed: 30 (actually 32 if you count the airport bar waiting for Ross to show up)
  • Number of sprained ankles: 1 (Ross thought he was Superman)
  • Current Beer Total: 67 
  • Numbers of Baconaters consumed: 1
  • Number of plush toys won in the claw game: 2
So I don't advise you to do this.  Drinking 30 beers doesn't seem like a lot, but these are not Miller Lites.  These beers are Belgian and English and have names like Tripel and Doublebock.  Drinking for two days straight and missing daylight, which while necessary to the task at hand, is not for the feint of heart.  And I will never be doing that again.  I can't even look at beer.

It's a good thing that I have a lovely family out there, because it gives us reasons to slow down and drink leisurely.  I'm flying out to Atlanta tomorrow for work.  I am going to sleep the Odin sleep tonight. 


Anonymous said...

Holy crap.. 30 beers does seem like a lot. but then again, i missed that whole drinking until your hospitalized thing in college...

Anonymous said...

Ankle is still slightly swollen but I think I will give running a shot tomorrow. My body still hates me. Great time though and you forgot to mention you new friend the "Good for Nothing Ex-Husband." -RMC

Hero to the Masses said...

Oh crap. That was the best part of the story. I'll update the blog post. So funny.

Emily said...

I kind of want to do this now.