Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Early Morning Travel

So this morning, I'm on the way to Atlanta very early.  One of the reasons it's so early is that I needed to connect in Charlotte, where I currently am.  Now, Delta has a direct flight which takes two hours, but I'm not a Delta frequent flyer.  I'm a US Air flyer.  And I need all of my miles in order to get to 50,000 by November which is when the girlfriend and I go to Budapest.  And 50,000 miles puts me at Star Alliance Gold, and lounge access through Europe.  So that's why I have time to blog this morning. Here are a few early morning thoughts:

  • When I left DCA, it was rainy and very foggy.  The top of the Washington Monument was even obscured by fog.  But within 3 minutes of our taking off, we broke through the cloud layer and were in crystal blue skies.  I love that.  Its nice to remember that even in the worst weather, it's beautiful just above.  
  • I'm at the US Airways lounge, which I have access to through my Amex Platinum Card.  It grants access to US, Delta, and American lounges when flying those airlines.  And the TV is showing Headline News.  I don't like CNN.  I find it to be a network with lots of gimmicks and not much heart.  But CNN Headline News is terrible.  I think when CNN used to have stories of substance and length, Headline News was designed to give you the important news quickly and continuously.  
          However, with CNN in a 30-second news cycle itself, that turns Headline News into some sort of ADD  paradise with stories in 15 seconds, pop music and over the top hosts.  This woman, who is some sort of spawn of perky hucksterism and vapid USA Today journalism, could report on a school bus fire with a smile and then pass it to Tony with the weather. No Robin, I won't tweet you a hello that I will hope you read on air.  I have....what's that word...dignity.  Headline News is the terrible.
  • I'm off to find a Starbucks to find my latest new thing.  Iced Quad Venti.  This is four shots of espresso in a large cup, filled to the top with ice.  You pour milk to the top to finish it off.  It's around $3.50 and it's a jolt in the morning.  I must thank my old partner Will for this find.  My fear of course is that if not taken in some moderation, I will eventually need 5 shots.  
Photo of Canary Wharf in London courtesy of the Daily Mail. 

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