Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Power and Humility of Spectacles

So I've been running a few days a week for this whole Couch to 5K thing.  It's pretty cool and it's not that taxing.  It also allows me to work out three times a week and feel somewhat satisfied.  So normally I run with my glasses on until I sweat too much and then I put them in my pocket. But late last week, I put them in my pocket and now there is probably some mentally unstable homeless person in Dupont Circle wearing some dashing specs.  He better hope he has near sightedness in his right eye and far sightedness in his left eye, poor bastard.

So I was without glasses for the first time in a long time, and I realized that glasses can make you feel like you're 5 years old.  First, when you come in from the cold and your glasses fog up, thus making you look like an idiot.  Second, when you lose them and you can't see anything.  I like to imagine that famous men who wore glasses also have misplaced them, and looked foolish.  Like Jesus turning wine into water while squinting, and people throwing rocks at him.  Or Einstein* getting electrocuted while flying the kite because he misplaces his eyeglasses.

So I went yesterday to Lenscrafters and was again totally bewildered.  Choosing glasses is impossible.  They all seem to look the same after awhile.  Thank God Allyson was there with my to tell me what looked okay.  Lenscrafters also has this screen that takes photos of you in 4 pairs of glasses for you to compare.  It really works.  So I chose a pair.  Does anyone knows how much glasses cost?  I'm not talking the lenses, but the frames.  The thing that holds the actual medical devices to allow you to see were $290.

Because my eyes are so screwed, the glasses will take two weeks.  You know how Lenscrafters says you can get glasses in about an hour? I'm clearly the about part.

* My friend Nicole, who recently moved from Philadelphia, reminded me that it was Ben Franklin who actually flew the kite to test electricity.  But I like to think that he looks like Einstein if you're not wearing your glasses. 

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