Tuesday, November 29, 2011

5 Things

Happy Tuesday.  In light of my desire to catch up on stuff and also some important topical things happening, that you might have missed in your busy lives.
  1. The Euro is in big trouble.  Asides from the EU's open borders, the common currency is probably the biggest thing the group has done.  That currency is in jeopardy due to things that my college roommate could explain a lot better than me.  So, if you're like me and don't really understand the world of sovereign debt, JP Morgan explains it in Legos. If you want to read the article, I've linked it here.
  2. Patrice O'Neal has died of complications following complications following a stroke he had in October.  His last public appearance was on Charlie Sheen's roast. If I asked you who the best comic from Massachusetts, who would you say?  If the words Dane Cook came out of your mouth, find the tallest structure where you're reading this and jump off it.  Bill Burr and Patrice O'Neal are two of my favorite comics and they both hail from Boston.  Below is one on my favorite clips from Patrice.  Rest easy, big fella. 
  3. I ran my third 5K on Thanksgiving.  So I am thankful that I didn't die.  But allow me to tell you this, but if I can run a 5K, anyone can.  One of the best things about it is that you will always run faster than someone else, be they morbidly obese or 100 years old.  Passing people makes you feel like a rockstar.  Also, don't be fooled by the small kids.  They have tons of energy, but they don't understand pacing, so you will end up playing a yo-yo game with them all race.  Most important, don't let any walkers pass you.  That way you can wear your free t-shirt with pride. 
  4. Wegman's is my new favorite place.  It's seriously the best grocery store ever.  They're a Buffalo-based chain, and they are slowly making their way south.  They have a whole side of pre-made food that you can eat in a cafe.  Mine even is a singles hangout that has live music.  Their store brand is terrific.  So, watch out Massholes as there's one coming to Northborough. 
  5. Finally, as you probably do know, Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) is retiring after this term.  His sexual preference allowed for one of my favorite sayings I learned from my pal Steve.  "I'm out like Barney Frank" which he would say when he had to depart.  The best thing to come out of the news cycle today on this was the New York Times correction to their article.  
Correction: November 28, 2011
An earlier version of the article called Mr. Frank the first openly gay member of Congress. He was the first member of Congress to voluntarily acknowledge he was gay.

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Henri B. said...

Oh my goodness! I loved Patrice O'Neal. I hadn't heard about his stroke. I agree with you about him and Bill Burr [and Dane Cook] - both cool enough to hang out with Dave Chappelle.