Thursday, November 17, 2011

Greetings from Pest

So we're on our third night in Budapest.  Our hotel is on the Pest side of the Danube.  They just opened up their Christmas market right behind the hotel, which is really nice.  I remember a similar one in Prague.  Mulled wine always is a great treat.  Tomorrow I'm going for a run along the Danube.  Partly because I haven't run at all this week, but mostly so I can use the phrase "when I ran along the Danube" in conversation. 

Interesting things about Hungary:
  • They've gotten the fuzzy end of the lollipop.  Beaten by the Ottomans, choosing the wrong side in WWI and losing half of their country, siding with the Germans only to have them invade and kill all their Jews in WWII, and then to have the Russians introduce them to concrete as architecture and dreary propaganda
  • The escalators on their subway are really fast.  And they work.  Do you hear that Metro?  They not only have escalators, but they are speedy.  Odd that the capital of Hungary can get this right, but not the capital of the US.  
  • At the Xmas market today, we bought some sort of pizza like thing except is was sour cream on warm dough with a topping.  Allyson got sausage.  I got cracklins, which is supposedly a Hungarian specialty.  I loved it, and I hope to never find out what cracklins are.  
  • It gets dark here really early.  Like 4PM early.  And cold.  It's no wonder goulash is the national food.  Cheap and hot. 
Tomorrow is a tour of Memento Park to check out communist statues, and then a dip in the famous public baths.  Oh, and tonight we went to a great place called the For Sale Bar where thousands of people have left business cards.  I didn't have any of mine.  But I added our names to my friend Chuck's.  So if you see a Booz Allen card with the word "Blumpkins" written on it, that was me.  


chuckster said...

Great now I'm going to get telemarketing calls from Hungary. Either that or some sort of black ops hit team going to show up at my door. ....punk.

Hero to the Masses said...

Think positive. Maybe Uncle Booz is Hungarian and stops by his favorite watering home and bam, you've got the key to the executive Sunderland.

Anonymous said...

Too Bad you didn't have your original cards bro. . . .
Graham Campbell
Boy Genius Adolescent Extraordinaire. . . .

Solid Business card from GCC when he was 15.


Hero to the Masses said...

Hahaha. Allyson was saying the same thing. It's a shame because I still have 900 of those floating around somewhere.