Friday, March 30, 2012

People Read This Apparently

So a funny thing happened last night when I was at Dinner Club.  Dinner Club is essentially a bunch of people getting together for dinner and drinking a lot.  You all probably call this "dinner" but this is DC and it needs to have an air of exclusivity.  And so one of the people there, Fareha, said that she would read my blog when she was working and overseas and feeling down to cheer her up. It was an odd moment for me.  Reminding me again that I'm glad I blog and its cool that people enjoy it as much as I do.

It reminds me of when I was a DJ in college.  Now unlike most DJs, who are hacks and sound like this:

But college radio is different.  DJs only have 1 show for a 2-3 hour time slot per week.  And the shows vary all over the board.  I used to have the show before the Polka Guys who were locals from the community who had the most popular radio show by far on the station. So there was no continuity and most people did a show because they liked playing their music.  I started with the amazing time slot of 6-8AM on Sundays, which I probably missed 30% of when I overslept. 

But when you're in the small studio with carpet on the walls and ceiling, and talking into a microphone and playing songs from the actual DC Cab soundtrack on LP, you could quite easily forget that people were out there.  I mean I had friends who might set their alarm and then snooze through the show, or a girlfriend who might listen out of pity, but that was about it.  Everyone one else was unknown to me.  So when we asked people to call in and the phones lit up.  (Literally the phone is connected to a strobe light so the DJ can see it when the music is really loud)

That sort of feels like this blog.  Which I must admit makes me usually feel like the end of Doogie Howser when NPH is typing away on his monchrome screen.  Except people do actually read this.  So thanks for reading and sharing.  I realize that between Facebook and Lobster Porn, there's a lot of places you could be on the Internet and I appreciate you stopping by my small head space. 

P.S.  Fareha and her fiancee Chris are getting married and their union is like an awesome force of good in the universe.  So on Memorial Day weekend, if the air seems a little cleaner and the people a little nicer, its because these two do gooders, probably covered in henna, have just said I do. 

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