Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Power and Problem with Passion

I was trying to see if I could get one more "P" word in there, but I just couldn't.  So sorry.  Today is an interesting day.  Technically, the contract I'm working on is ending today which puts me out on the street.  However, I should be able to switch over to an existing client that I've been working with.  I gotta get out of here. Pondering billable hours is not fulfilling.

But back to passion.  So I have realized that passion is like a drug, or a girlfriend.  You can feel the highs of highs and everything is roses and unicorn farts.  But then when you crash, things suck, like really suck.  And you want to get back that passion to feel it again, but eventually you crash again.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

So I have heard back from all of the Kivans (their term) I emailed and I'm feeling quite good.  I have a conversation with their VP of Marketing on Monday to discuss an idea I have for a Kids program, which I think is pretty cool.  As typical with someone with ADHD, I am great with ideas.  And great at operations.  But horrible with implementation.  It reminds me of one of my favorite South Park episodes.
Anyway, so in talking to these people from Kiva and Opportunity Fund over the course of this week, I'm just learning to take a deep breath and enjoy the moment.  I'm trying to find a balance that allows me to get paid and work and yet also be fulfilled and passionate about things.

Still totally hooked on Kiva.  You can even see the people I loaned money to on the blog, in the left column.  Maybe it will inspire you to give some coin.

It's 80 degrees in DC in mid-March.  I fear that July might be hot enough to melt the sidewalks.  Pray for us.  Or try and stop carbon emissions with a cap.  Probably have better chance of praying though.

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