Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Hip, Hooray and Ballyhoo

So today is the final day of January. Where the hell did this month go? 2007 seems like it might be another fast year. This is going to be the Broadway issue of Ramblings. I'd like to say that I have two friends of mine on Broadway and Off-Broadway shows.

First up is Adam "Waka" Green. One of my closest friends. We met in high school and he's a really talented actor. He kept going while slackers like Sam and I stopped. And Sam's not doing anything with this life, except for clerking for a federal judge. Loooser. Waka is currently in a show with Daniel J. Travanti. And yes, you get point if you know what TV show he was in.
If you're in NYC, you should see it. Waka is a great actor and an amazing friend.

My next friend is Jeslyn Kelly, who is currently in the ensemble cast in Tarzan. Now before you go moaning about musicals and think that she's some sort of high maintenance diva, allow me to set the record straight. Jessica, now Jeslyn, is one of the nicest and kindest people I know. She's has ferocious talent, is beautiful, and one of the few people I could be marooned on an island with. (And that list gets shorter every day.) I have no idea what the show is like, but she swings on vines, which is cool. And she's on Broadway! An incredible feat for a wonderful girl from Trumbull.

Happy Wednesday party peoples.


girlski said...

Can tomorrow be the "Accounting Issue" of Ramblings... where you highlight all of your friends in the glamourous field of public accounting? I know we get a lot of press, but it would be nice to get just a little more ....

Tory Davis said...

Hooray for Jeslyn Kelly!!! (Though what happened to Jessica?) I really liked her at school, I'm so happy she's successful. It's always heartening when kind people do well. If they bring it to LA, I'm totally in :)

maikib said...

You copycatter you. i'm glad to have supplied thought for your food... or food for your thought. I like being a muse. Jessica Lynn=Jeslyn (I think that Actors Equity already had a Jessica Lynn Kelly... but we know there's only truly one...).