Saturday, April 21, 2007

An Awesome Saturday

So today started a little early as my friend Tom was over. He was up from Philly and he's a total foodie, so I was nervous about where to take him for brunch. So I settled for this place, which has excellent french toast. And it was hovering around 60 degrees, so it was a nice walk. Then, plump on French toast, we caught a movie at 1PM. I know I know. It's a beautiful day and you went to the movies? Yes. And it was well worth it for the fine film I saw with my friends today.

I urge you to go see Hot Fuzz. It's from the same guys who did Shaun of the Dead, and it takes on all the great cliches of cop movies. Run, do not walk people. It's hysterical. Followed that with viewing Jesus Camp with same friends at the house. Yeah, this one was overkill. Should have gone outside. The movie was scary. Like documentary scared for my children I might not have scary.

But then I went for a walk at the Charlestown Navy Yard, got to see the sunset, and then had a nice dinner. All around a great day. Currently I'm watching some horrible movie with Joshua Jackson and Christina Ricci on the Sci-Fi Channel. Maybe I should quit while I'm ahead.

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Anonymous said...

sweet christing hell that movie was great. i randomly laugh aloud thinking of it, to the beyonderment of my phellow philadelphians.

and that was some good-ass french toast.