Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Beer of the Week 7/10/07

This week I again went for my run to the beer store. This time, the run was almost 2 miles, and I'm not so sure the guy at the counter appreciated me dripping sweat on the merchandise, but whatever. If he knew how much I worked for that sweat.....

Anyway, I chose for this week the Opa-Opa Red Rock Amber Ale. I wish you luck in finding this outside of Massachusetts, as it's brewed at a steakhouse brewpub in Southampton, MA. The reason for the strange name is that oddly it's run by a bunch of greek guys. I'm not sure I believe in Souvlaki prime rib, but they make a great amber ale. It won a Gold Medal at the Great International Beer Festival in 2005. I'd give it the Gold as well.

BA gives it an 83. I'd go higher. I'm thinking an 88. It's smooth, full and tasty. Went great with my Croissant Pocket. I probably should have just had the beer for dinner.


Anonymous said...

1. How do you get home after you purchase the beer?
2. When are we opening our bar?

Hero to the Masses said...

1) I walk home generally thinking about cracking open the cold goodness in my brown paper bag.

2) Soon. I need to find a girlfriend. If owning a bar doesn't do it, then nothing will.

Anonymous said...

It bothers me that the scale only goes from 69-100. What is the point of a 100 point scale if you don't use all 100 points?