Wednesday, July 18, 2007


So Happy Hump Day! (That's Wednesday perverts.)

A few things here and there....

Dunno if you saw this, but IHOP bought Applebee's for $1.9 billion. I thought I had more money than IHOP. I guess the geriatric crowd really helps their bottom line. Perhaps now Applebee's will have sticky tables too. (Hat tip to Consumerist for that.) I wonder if Waffle House will buy Chili's now.

I had a work meeting down on the Cape today and showed up early. Like 4 hours early. That sucked. I did suggest a name for a future Coast Guard Exercise though today.

"Vigilant Chowder"

The Coasties weren't too impressed.

And finally, this week marks my third straight week of running more than 2 days. It's kind of strange, but I like it after work. Helps my mind settle a bit. But it can be bruising to the ego to use mapping tools to find you're only running 1.5394 miles.

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