Monday, September 24, 2007

8 Days Straight

So I've worked for 8 days and I've done a bunch of stuff, but mostly worked.

I did find out a way to get rich though.

I do Big Brothers, and took my little Carlton apple picking on Sunday afternoon. I get less and less sure about having kids the more I do stuff with him. Not because of him, but because of the crowds. There were thousands of families at this orchard. And that's where the money comes in.
  1. Buy land that can grow apples, hopefully it has ramshackle barn, and pond for fake geese.
  2. Grow a crapload of apples. Seriously.
  3. Allow rubes with kids to come and pick said apples for $13 a bag. And I'm talking a small bag.
  4. Then bend over said parents with $4 hay rides. Pack 30 people onto a wagon being pulled by 15-year old making $8 an hour.
  5. Don't forget ice cream and candied apples
And that's as easy as it gets. Oh, and if you're going apple picking to try and take up time, it doesn't take as long as you think. I liked the parents who had the kids on their shoulders urging them to reach the good ones, "Reach Kyle! Get that one over there!" I'm pretty sure the Mexicans in California are treated better. Oh, and some people just pick them off the ground. If I was the manager at Stop and Shop in Boston, I'd just throw some apples on the floor and mark up the price 300% to make people enjoy it more apparently.

And then a former cop who I worked with called me. He too left the job and is in Florida looking for work. Something about NYPD guys going down to FL never seems to work out. But I was able to help him. I felt like the wise elder giving him career advice on jobs that don't require a test. It's a whole new world, Sunshine. Still, I'm happy I got to help out a friend and a former cop. That made me feel good. Especially on a day that was a little trying.


maikib said...

Swap apples for avocados... or garlic (can was say garlic capital of the world, people?)... or oranges, and maybe the Mexican comment could work...

Anonymous said...

Apples????? That is so 1995....You need to get with the times. Banana's is where it is at!!!