Monday, September 10, 2007


Out of 173 countries, there are 4 that don't have paid leave for new moms...

1. Papua New Guinea
2. Swaziland
3. Liberia
4. Do you even need to ask?

Very nice. U.S. of A is #1!


Anonymous said...

I wrote a paper for my bioethics class cross-referencing various nations' maternity leave benefits and the permissability of abortion.

Did you know that in Germany you can twist the system to get a full 10 years of maternity leave, if you keep having 3-4 kids and fill out all the forms?

And they're so gunshy about anything vaguely resembling eugenics the sidewalks are littered with kids with arms growing out their heads and such?

And, alternately, in Israel, if the kid looks like he's gonna be left handed or has a lazy eye you can get a 3rd trimester abortion. Additionally, if you or I were in Israel and we died, our parents could have the doctor suck the sperm out of our nuts so as to use it to impregnate some girl and carry on our seed.

And don't get me started on removing eggs from non-viable feti and then implanting them back in the mom, thus making a mother give birth to her genetic granddaughter from a daughter who literally never existed. Crazy shit.

Cawshis Clay said...

What the hell are you talking about Tom? Mothers giving birth to their granddaughters?

I thought Graham was talking about dudes in horrifying swimsuits.

Tory Davis said...

I just think it's great that the party that puts itself on a pedastool for its "Family Values" doesn't give a shit about supporting families/moms, or babies once they arrive.
Has anyone else noticed that the same folks who vote against abortion also vote *against* paid maternity leave and more money for: schools, welfare, food stamps, AFDC, and increasing money for student loans? For folks who claim to be against abortion because, "It's not a desire to control women, we love children!" they don't seem that interested in them once they arrive.