Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Happy Election Day!

How many of you voted? I can't tell a lie. I was away for business and I couldn't get back in time. I know. That makes me a communist. It also means I couldn't shape the future of Somerville by choosing the next Alderman at Large.

I was in New Haven, CT for business today. Stayed in lovely Orange last night. Really special places. All I could think about when I was in New Haven was my friend Montu's stories about the ghetto convenience store he used to work in when he was younger there.

Birthday Shout-Outs to Mikie and Nicole(N.B. She's a lazy blogger. Foxy ladies who both entered this world on November 6th. Thanks for being here.

Finally, you'll notice that the thermometer has filled up for the DonorsChoose.org site to the right. I'd like to thank Ross for donating to an unknown cause before I could set up the challenge and then me for paying the 50 bucks. Cheap bastards. Not even a red penny from my readers, all 6 of you.


Anonymous said...

I was in New Haven, CT for business today. Stayed in lovely Orange last night.


I forgot to vote yesterday. I'm a little irritated with myself. I only knew enough to vote in the mayoral race, but still. I don't like being so lazy about my civic duties.

Nicole said...

I decided I did not have to vote on my b'day. It encroached upon my celebration time. (What did you do on your birthday? Oh, I waited in a hot airless gymnasium to cast a vote on a touch screen system that makes things up anyway). Plus, what do I care if Miami's government is corrupt because of lack of citizen involvement? Oh, wait...

Steve said...

We have paper ballots at my polling place, which is pleasing to me.

alohab said...

And me. Happy birthday to me. Though my daughter would only say "happy birthday daddy." even when prompted with "mama." I don't get it. Any way, I still read your blog :).