Monday, November 12, 2007

Quite the weekend

First of all, greetings late on this Veteran's Day. I called my Dad yesterday and thanked him for serving in Viet Nam, so that I could have today off. Seriously though, given the rising death toll this year for service men and women in Iraq, the day is quite sobering.

This weekend was important for other reasons. I threw off the shackles that are Cingular and joined the Verizon network. So I traded the Whogivesacrapistan commercials for the one with the annoying "this is my network" guy. I think I'm going to go start fights with people and then sue them when the army of Verizon linemen and cable splitters don't rush to get my back.

Observe my kick-ass phone. And it's not just me that thinks so. These guys do too. And because I trudge in the salt mines of public service, I got it free. So thank you taxpayers for allowing me to serve you at a deep discount, so that I may reap the occasional discount myself.

Hope everyone out there had a fantastic weekend.

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