Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Good Evening, I took a quick jaunt to the Left Coast on this weekend. And I didn't get to see a bunch of friends out there, but this was a somewhat under the radar trip as it's been crazy at work and I just needed to chill.

And this is the thing you want to see when leaving for warmer climates.These are deicing trucks spraying down a JetBlue plane at Logan. Which as mentioned before in this blog is a good thing, but even nicer when you're flying somewhere that's 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

So out there I stayed with my friend Sam and his wife Kathryn (I really think I'm spelling her name right) and their insane sheltie Dougall. That dog barks at the wind, the TV,or my farts. So yes, the dog was loud this weekend.  Hardy har har.  To sum up the activities: 

Drinking, finally watching Superbad, U.S. Rugby 7's tourney in San Diego, really fresh mexican food, a beach with like 4,000 dogs on it, karaoke at an Irish pub, wearing shorts in February.  

This photo does it justice:

And then I got back and it was like 15 degrees. Damn New England. It's like we did something to God over here.

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