Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This blog is even worse on video

So my friend Tory made an insightful comment that the only food you eat that actually comes from the area between the asshole and the testicles is in sausage. So what did I have last night? You got it. I made a very small movie, which is not very good. And it's brevity betrays the fact that it took forever to put together. I now have complete appreciation for Waka and his Lunchbox. So here is my first attempt at showing you my dinner. I think this might be an occasional feature here.

Oh, and it's super early. But this is what time you need to get up to be in Springfield by 7. I tell you, the state gets my dedication for a bargain.


Anonymous said...

Come on, you know you should have titled this post "There Will Be Sausage."

boyski said...

Very impressed. If I were a member of the academy, I would have certainly voted it best drama.

When will it be on netflix?

Oh, and how about a guest chef appearance? That would be fun. Chefs around the world or something like that.

And when is your own brand of toothpaste coming out?

Nice job on the creativity part...the ski's like!

Hero to the Masses said...


Fine point. The next episode will have a much better title.


Thank you sir. It took awhile, but it was a lot of fun. Perhaps we could make pierogies?

Tory Davis said...

So you cooked the rice with the lid off? Was it a rice-a-roni type item? As a general rule rice must be cooked with the lid on (the grains absorb the steam), but in your commentary you didn't mention it was crunchy so it must've worked out.
Way to go, Cracker! That's awesome.

Oh, and were the sausages chicken sausages? That would account for the chewy texture; generally I find them to be a bit more bouncy in the mouth, a more mellow version of the hot dog experience.
I think it's great you're cooking! It makes a house a home.

Anonymous said...

I like that you're reading The Road while you eat sausage.

maikib said...

Movie making at its finest. love the soundtrack. 4 stars for you. and, oh, right-- holy crap! since when do you cook? i like the the cutco knife action; rmc will be very happy to know they're still coming in handy. i do think however, that that's my frying pan... thief.