Sunday, March 30, 2008

WOW: Weekend of Wire

So what does one do on a nice beautiful Saturday in Boston?

Well, if your friend's wife lets him get HBO on Demand and that means he has Season 5 of The Wire expiring in two days, you sit in front of the TV. We watched Season 5 in one sitting, save getting up to get chinese food and use the bathroom. It's no wonder I'm single. 11 hours of TV goodness.

And sweet baby Jesus was it good. Now I can talk to all of you who had the gag order in place about the final season. I won't spoil it for my tens of readers. Suffice it to say, you hear from a lot of old friends and it cleans up nicely. That show is a damned work of art. And while some people seem to think that it's popularity is due to the fact that people want to believe it's authentic, I can only say what I know. I wasn't a drug dealer or a newspaper reporter or a teacher, but as a former cop, that shit is real. They got that part down, which tells me they probably have a good handle on the rest of it.

I'll miss the show, but I'm glad it went out on top. David Simon, I'd let you be on top.


NTBS said...
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NTBS said...

No hyperbole at all, greatest show ever to grace the small screen. Just incredible. And while I've never been a cop, I did work for both the legislature and the executive, and he nails government dead on. One of my first bosses was a total idealist when he showed up. By the time he left, he had compromised literally everything and didn't even know who he was any more. And I'm not talking about only Mitt Romney either.

If you want something to read, check out "Homicide" and "the corner", both by Simon. Great reads.