Thursday, September 07, 2006

Movie Night

Just finished watching Blow. Meh... I liked Traffic better. It was a neat movie. The guy who directed apparently died about a year after the film of a heart attack during a basketball game. There was cocaine in his system, so he really saw the project through. The pace somewhat reminded me of Goodfellas, or maybe that was because Ray Liotta was in it also.

Oh, and even though my blog readership is flung far and wide, I wanted to point you all to this site. Room 8, is a New York City political blog started by my high school friend Ben and another guy. Ben's legit, being that his day job is blogging for the Daily News. But, my other high school friend, Adam "Waka" Green has a daily video on this site spoofing the current themes in politics. While most of it is New York based, Waks is really funny. So I command my 10s of readers to go check it out. See one of them below....

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