Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Some thoughts as a grad student

So I just got back from my first night of grad school, and asides from my pen running out of ink it went pretty well. As far as Pedro's suggestions, I have made the following decisions...

  • I'm not going to take notes on my Mac, for a few reasons. I would be one of like 2 people in the classes of 25-30 doing it, so I don't want to stick out. Also, when writing papers off the notes in class, I'd rather type while looking at a notebook, than shifting back and forth between word documents. Also, that typing noise is kind of annoying.
  • As far as the ladies go, they are present. However they are either much younger, or much older. So no worries there.
  • I've already started some of the readings. I'm a geek, but I find this stuff interesting. There's a Boston City Councilor and the Boston Transportation Commissioner in one of my classes, which is pretty cool.
That's about it. It's gone well so far. I've got mandatory orientation this Sunday from 9AM - 3PM, which I will guaranteed be hung over for. Yee ha!


maikib said...

6 hours of mandatory orientation? is it like VC's BSC? Team building and stuff? That's nutty.

Anonymous said...

dude, i went to my class yesterday and the professor records her lectures and puts them up as mp3's on the course's website, and all the reading's are on there as pdf's. you don't even need to show up.

the only people typing notes seemed to be tools.

Hero to the Masses said...

Yeah....I got that picture too. Hmm...is class participation even a part of the grade?

Anonymous said...

And the Bursur? Did you get a letter from the Bursur?