Thursday, September 14, 2006

Today pretty much sucked.

So Today blew....donkey balls. Well really, only the part of my day between 8:00AM and 8:00:05AM. That would be the time when I rear ended a car driving to a meeting. There was a cop at the intersection who waved me through, so a truck could cross, and he waved me into the trunk of this Hyundai in front of me.

I'm fine. My car is okay, except the bumper is a little bent and the plastic is catching the right tire when I turn a certain way making an ungodly noise. His car, not so good. His trunk needs some work and his tail light. But he seemed okay. Getting into accidents suck. I know this is obvious, but it needs to be said just how miserable it is. That second before impact when you know you're going to hit no matter what you do. Blech.

One of the only funny parts of my day came at this meeting that I was consequently late for thanks to the accident. The guy was talking about the Trunk Monkey ads, which are very funny, as shown here.

However he kept saying, "Man, nothing is as funny as that porch monkey. I love that porch monkey." My ears perked up at that and I said, "John, I think you mean Trunk Monkey. Porch Monkey is something else." If you don't know what this is....ask around. But wear a helmet when you ask.

Gotta love Boston.

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Nicole said...

Clerks 2 addresses that terminology nicely, actually.