Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ernesto is a dud

Listed below are the current preparations for Ernesto undertaken by FEMA and the federal government. I want to point out that Ernesto is now a Tropical Depression, not even a Tropical Storm. Let's not even discuss that this thing never was a hurricane.

A tropical storm is fart on the radar, or at least it was pre-Katrina. Now everyone is so terrified that they've pushed all these assets out there. In other news, this rain event is going to dump lots of moisture on my labor day weekend.

By the way, you can see the current FEMA picture right here. It's actually kind of cool. Okay, I'm a geek.

DHS/FEMA Actions
NOC/NRCC and Region IV RRCC at Level 1 - Full Activation Status, with all ESFs Present

Updated Operations Orders being drafted for Regions IV and III based on changes in Storm Path

Region III RRCC to operate at Level II with ESFs 1, 3 and 10 (from 7:30 am -7:30 pm EDT).

Engaging with governors and state emergency managers in the anticipated impact states to begin federal and state coordination.

Working with partners at the National Hurricane Center to anticipate the storm's landfall.

Forward Deployed Response Teams including Federal Incident Response Support Teams (FIRST), Disaster Medical Assistance Teams (DMATs)and Urban Search and Rescue US&R Teams.

Forward Deployed Logistics Push Packets

Issued 50 Mission Assignments for a total of $17,867,583 including mission assignments to:

Cabinet Level Departments of: Defense, Energy, Interior, Justice, Transportation, Health & Human Services, Agriculture


Four new Mobile Registration Intake Centers deploying to and pre-positioning at Atlanta.
All FEMA Call Centers prepared to transition to 24/7 operations at full staffing.
USACE directed to deploy Housing Planning Team to begin scoping a potential temporary housing mission.
600 staff pre-positioned in Florida to conduct in-shelter registrations, if required.

DoD Actions
Conducted NORTHCOM Severe Weather Teleconference 3:30 pm EDT August 28, 2006.

Providing support to Defense Coordinating Officers/Defense Coordination Elements

Coordinating FEMA ESF1 (Transportation) request for US Transportation Command liaison officer support to NRCC.

Coordinating support to FEMA Federal Operational Staging Areas (FOSAs).

Joint National Guard Bureau, Georgia National Guard, South Carolina National Guard, and North Carolina National Guard are monitoring TS Ernesto, coordinating operational decisions, and executing storm warning preparations per state Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Department of Defense Joint Staff sourcing FEMA request for six officers to support Joint Operations Center (JOC) and NRCC synchronization between NRCC, US Northern Command, US Pacific

Command, US Southern Command, US Transportation Command, Defense Logistics Agency and Joint National Guard Bureau.

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