Sunday, August 27, 2006

The opposite of Katrina

So I'm watching the media freak out as they have to decide between their specials on the year anniversary of Katrina, or the 5-year anniversary of 9/11. Only so many hour long specials to film. Tough choices. There was one on the Discovery Channel tonight about Katrina. They had too much water down there. I face the opposite problem.

So this is my bathroom. And no, I'm not a slob. The water shut off around 2PM today. My landlord told me it must be the city's fault. So the City of Somerville sent a nice guy over from the Water Department over at triple time on Sunday. He told me it was the building's issue and they needed to call a plumber. He was right. However, the shady landlord isn't really returning our calls.

So I'm doing all the cool stuff, like gravity flushing my toilet with the one source of water I do have, my kitchen sink. I shaved at that sink about 10 minutes ago, using the side of a pot as a mirror. I feel like a pioneer. Except I have the internet and a bed. It's just the water thing. Oh, the Subway near Porter Square has a lovely bathroom. (I mean the sandwich place, and not the T.)

I'll keep you updated as I'm sure you're all curious. Thank God that work has showers.

Update: I have clean water and all the fixin's. Thank you lazy landlord. Oh, and my roommate found the plumber playing darts on our board in the apartment.

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Anonymous said...

How's it going? Do you have water rations? Has your slumlord fixed it yet? Or are you too unwashed and stinky to deal with trifles like blogs?