Friday, August 11, 2006

Heaven is

Greetings from the Keene Valley, NY public library! I can't write long, and I don't much to report. I did however take a nap for about an hour today in a hammock strung up from columns on a porch. I defy anyone to tell me that they did something better this Friday.

Pictures, stories and mug shots available on Sunday when I return to civilization.


maikib said...

i did something better on friday (and into saturday...). So there!

Hero to the Masses said...

Impossible. Don't believe it. Did you have tantric sex with Sting? What could be better?

maikib said...

oh... don't i wish. alas, he is happily married (and unlike so many women who don't seem to have the self-respect to care if the man is taken, i don't play that game...). but there was a little Sting involved in my "better" Friday.

Anonymous said...

I ate Vietnamese food at a hipster spot in Silverlake. How hip was it? Soooo hip that the restaurant doesn't have a sign, you have to know it's there... dude you totally win. I wish LA had hammocks.