Sunday, February 25, 2007

I need a longer weekend

This weekend was the annual installation dinner for the Red Oaks Mill Fire Company of the Arlington Fire District. I volunteered there my last two years in college as a Firefighter/EMT. It was a blast, and it's also where I honed my drinking skills. Went down to Poughkeepsie for the dinner this year, and had a good time. But my body can't really handle that kind of drinking much anymore.

I woke up this morning fully clothed on a couch in my friend's Vinnie's house. I was sleeping on a tacquito, and there were beer bottles everywhere. Some things down there never change. One guy's wife was still drinking a lot and groping other men, not me, on the dance floor.

I love the Hudson Valley. It's a really pretty area. I had breakfast this morning with a really nice woman named Susan who works for Vassar College Development. Apparently they want me to be the 10th reunion leadership gifts chair. So I said sure, mostly because I have no idea what that means.

I'm in Latham, NY tomorrow night. Awww yeah. Federal meeting. And they're not paying for lunch. I'm loving it.

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maikib said...

Hmmm... K at age 40+... not attractive 10 years ago... afraid of how the years have been to her...