Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Support the old Alma Mater

I knew Anne Harris when she was in my class at Vassar. She sang in another acappella group and was also really funny. She and her friend started a band called the "Ukes of Hazzard." They promptly got a letter from the people that own the rights to the Dukes of Hazzard. So know they are simply The Hazzards.

Here is one of their videos. It was a big techno hit in Europe. And yes, I know her friends's voice is a little off-key. That's not really the point now is it. And if you look closely, you can spot Jon Togo, another classmate from VC, who is currently on CSI-Miami. So visit the site, and buy some swag.


Tory Davis said...

Painfully, excruciatingly off-key. But hilarious! I have a gay brother, he is great. But they never addressed the lack of hot sex in the song... what's a girl to do about that?
I liked Togo as a suspect stright guy too. Oh Vassar. Ye truly do reverberate.

boyski said... head hurts.....

maikib said...

How come you're recycling my blog entries?