Sunday, February 18, 2007

Weekend Update

The folks were in town for my uncle's party last night and so we hit up Hammersley's Bistro on Friday night, in the South End. Had the duck confit app, followed by the roast chicken. I know you're thinking, "Boring. Who the hell goes out on their parent's dime and get chicken?" Well it was really good. It was infused with lemon and garlic. Sooo tasty. Easily as tasty as Casey.

Last night was the party, with the highlights being getting to talk to my cousins. They're great, and one of them is expecting a child in July. Well, it's his wife actually, but I guess that counts. Though he's not squeezing something the size of a watermelon out of his ass, so maybe he shouldn't get credit. The other highlight would be the cute girls who were catering.

And today I went to see a movie with my roommate. We saw "The Last King of Scotland." It was really good. I heartily recommend it to anyone. The scottish kid, James McAvoy, was good. But who cares? This was all about Forest Whitaker from the start. And boy did he pull it off. Go see it for him alone. And as an added bonus, you'll see Gillian Anderson of "X-Files" fame, playing an English doctor's wife. Time has been good to her.

That's all. A much better Sunday than last week. And tomorrow off. Wha-hoo! For those that have to work, I'll think of the President's for you.

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maikib said...

Those employed by gianormous insurance conglomerates get no love for the presidents. another big BOOOOO for insurance companies.