Monday, February 05, 2007

It's like Ice Station Zebra Cold

So, I decided to work from home after my morning meetings. I have to do some writing, and work is quite the distracting place. Between the e-mails, and the people stopping by, it's hard to get stuff done.

I just wanted to let those people not in the Northeast and Midwest's fucking cold. The folks at Accuweather are telling me currently it's 17 degrees, but it feels like -11.

Awesome. This is photo, taken at a fire in New Jersey, aptly shows how cold it is.

I like the rainbow in the background. It's too cold for men to go outside. Especially if you're trying to have kids. I fear the boys will retreat far inside you. And they might like it there, make new friends, think about buying a weekend place together, and never, ever come back down.

This frigid day also reminds me of this event, that happened in Portland less than a month ago.

The guy who drove the Volvo SUV(The first SUV in the clip)apparently didn't get the memo in Driver's Ed that said take your foot off the gas when you're sliding. Oh, and he was 79, which I'm sure had nothing to do with it.


Tory Davis said...

Last Friday night it took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to drive home after work, which normally takes about 35-40 minutes. And I thought, what am I doing in LA? Why on earth do I live in a "city" like this?
Then I watched your video of the cars skidding on the ice. And today I walked to the bank in a short-sleeved pink tshirt, the sun on my face and a warm breeze through my hair.
Ahh yes, this is why I won't move back East. 11 degrees, you say?

Anonymous said...

I thought the video was from California after a light drizzle. The results are exactly the same! Incredible!!!!!!

maikib said...

ummm... it was -9 degrees when i walked out of my house this morning. yes-- that's NEGATIVE 9... before windchill is factored in. it was so cold that i couldn't stop coughing (and I'm the only person in Chicago not sick). I think it literally the fluid in my esophagus freezing... and my body trying to keep me alive.

On a lighter note, it's warmed up to 0 degrees on the dot, and my sisters inform me that it is in the mid-80s in both the O.C. and Hawaii. Yeah-- who's the smarter sister(s) now?

Anonymous said...

I wish I had a light saber so I could slice open and hide inside some nice warm and fat philadelphians.

And I don't care what all those scientists say, Al Gore is totally full of shit.

Anonymous said...

tom - that was the coolest thing anyone has ever said about cold weather....

Nic said...

"especially if you want kids" hahaha!

yeah well I still long for snow. It snowed back home RIGHT after I came back to "paradise" how annoying.

That firefighter picture is amazing though... nice find

Anonymous said...

As I was lounging poolside, I fired up my waterproof laptop and stumpled upon your pictures. Is that really in America? That weather would decrease my ability to keep my botox, and tanning salon appoitments. How on earth do you people cope?????

Tory Davis said...

Those cheesesteaks serve so many purposes, Tom. They keep the Phillies nice and plump too- wouldn't want them rounding the bases too fast, right hon?
That's something I do miss about East Coast living-- in Philly I'm petite and skinny, but in LA I could lose a few. sigh. It's all perspective.

Hero to the Masses said...

It's still cold. All you West Coasters can suck it. The ice, will it ever melt?