Friday, November 10, 2006

Dinner and thoughts

Tonight, I went out to dinner with Chuck and another friend of ours, Andy. It was a nice time. We started at Eastern Standard, which is a very cool place. I ordered the Mac and Cheese pretty much just so I could have it cold the next day. It's currently chilling in my refrigerator. God Bless America.

But so we were there and then went down to a sports bar and watched the Celts bungle another one (now 1-4). There was a really cute girl who took our names for a table at the restaurant, and looking around, the place was full of cute girls. But how do you talk to them? I'm not sure you even do. It's just one of those odd quandaries in life I suppose. It allows you to utter lines like, "That girl in the red top...she totally wanted me," and perhaps be right. But most likely wrong. Very wrong.

Anyone else have a good Friday night?

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