Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day

I hope y'all voted. Not that I can be smug about it, because I didn't. And yes, I know good men gave up their lives on beaches and sand bogs to give me that precious right. I didn't vote, because I realized I had never changed my voter registration from my old apartment and by the time I did, it was too late for the absentee ballot. Yes, I'll go to hell. But I live in Massachusetts, where we had a decent race for Governor and only one other exciting issue on the ballot. Wine in supermarkets. Us Puritans sure know how to make a fuss.

So I took a midterm for grad school today. Could have failed or could have aced. A lot of questions were worded oddly. It was my first time writing in a blue book in years. I remember why I hated it so much.

Came back home and there was election mania on TV. So I turned it off. Don't get me wrong, but seeing Wolf Blitzer calling races that have 1% of the precincts, is not my idea of the electoral process. So I'm looking on the Web, which is calmer. And they're not as quick to call at NYT.com.

I see that Lieberman is the projected winner, which makes me happy in some ways. Lamont was a one hit WASP wonder, with his stance on anti-war. And this whole thing was fueled by the bloggers hatred of Lieberman, which I think teaches a lesson. It's up to CT. He's their senator, sorry if you had national ideals. I'm sure this won't make Steve very happy.


boyski said...

I say that we do away with exit polls all together. Our society is so demanding, that we need to know immediately who won. What happened to the good ole days when it took weeks for an election to be called? Like back in 2000!

Anonymous said...

Right, because the results of these elections had nothing to do with national issues at all.

If anything in the world pisses me off, it's mockery of people for having the unseemly gall to actually give a damn about where their country's headed. This guy spent sixteen million dollars of his own money so that he could start earning a senator's salary. Disagree with his positions or whatever, but to make some sort of aesthetic criticism of Lamont's campaign, to cluck and tsk at these people like they ran some sort of hippie vanity campaign or something, is maddening. It's shameful.

The Ten Angry Men said...

Exit polls? They take too long. We need more entrance polls - I wanna know how a voter will vote before even he knows.

Nicole said...

What was the outcome on the wine-in-supermarkets issue? Did the packy remain victorious?