Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Day Roundup

So Thanksgiving was brother, Mother and step-father all went to a place called the Salem Cross Inn, in West Brookfield, MA. It had exposed wooden beam ceilings and we had turkey with all the trimmings. The only downside to eating out is no leftovers.

That was at 1:30PM, and so when we finally drove home in the pouring rain and sat down at my apartment at around 8, people were hungry again. All I had in the pantry was some stale oyster crackers and Fluff. So we began to look for eats. I gotta tell you, it was tough. Even the chinese place was closed. I tried to explain to my New Yorker parents that "We just took Thanksgiving a little more serious up here, what with the pilgrims and all..."

Finally, I found a place that was open. God Bless Charlie's Kitchen. We had cold beer and double cheeseburgers. It was wonderful. Thanksgiving truly is about family and cramming as much food as you can down your gullet.

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