Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gobble Gobble


So today I took the day off work, which seems impossible as I keep getting e-mails all day long that I keep answering. I know, it's my fault. I actually took the day to work on a project for grad school. Paraguay is T minus 6 days. Went over to my work partner's office at Boston City Hall. He's Tom Tinlan, the Transportation Commissioner for Boston and a swell guy. Currently he's been dealing with a mess concerning parking meters on Newbury St.

As I was walking back to the library from his office, I saw a crackhead yell at the asian lady selling flowers outside the Government Center T Station, "Go fucking suck a cat." This made me start laughing. a lot. I'd never even heard or contemplated doing that. Thank God for crackheads as, much like small children, they provide some real gems.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hope you eat a lot and find new and inventive ways for turkey leftovers. I've got double duty with both sets of parents coming north over the next 4 days. Always a circus....just how I like it.


maikib said...

i'm going to make turkey and cranberry stuffed ravioli topped with gravy (in the place of sauce) as part of my left-over plans. i hate turkey, so anything i can do to mess with the traditional thanksgiving meal without having to throw away all that food (because i also hate waste...) is my preference.

Hero to the Masses said...

Will that keep if you send it?

Just asking.... :)