Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dinner tonight

So Ross and I had dinner at this lovely place, the Union Oyster House. He has received a very generous gift card from our father and step-mother, and we took advantage. We ordered beers and shrimp cocktail, and lobster, two of them. We followed them up with some alcoholic coffees and were stuffed to the gills. Ross presents the gift card and his credit card, as we had gone over the amount on the card by a little bit.

The card was for a different restaurant. When the waitress told him that, I laughed so hard I think everyone turned to look. We had a card for the Union Bar and Grill, which is in the South End and not Faneuil Hall. God that was funny, and expensive. God knows I would have ordered a caesar salad had I known I was paying. God that was funny.

Ross thinks that it's harder to meet people in Boston, and that the girls are less approachable. I didn't think so, but I'll open the floor up to comments or thoughts. Any ladies care to comment?


boyski said...

He he pulled a Chuckie!

Nicole said...

Is Ross losing his game since picking up college girls when he was still in high school??