Monday, October 16, 2006

Greeting adoring fans...

Hey. I know you've all been dying to read more of my crap. Some general notes and thoughts:

  • I went down to NYC this past weekend for a benefit. A cop I used to work with has an inoperable brain tumor and is undergoing chemo. He came to the racket, and it was tough to see him as he was really bloated and had trouble walking. But he seemed genuinely touched by all the people that showed up. And after he left, we drank and laughed. Laughed so hard I hurt the next day. Note: That link above goes to the NYPD Rant, the unofficial discussion board of the NYPD. Some funny crap on there.
  • Amtrak is expensive. And apparently taken by very old people. I knew this of course, but was reminded again by the people sitting next to me. There was a cute girl across the row, but I've realized that Ipods have effectively ended that chance meeting on a bus/plane. Idle chit chat is gone, so I can listen to Beck and not be bothered. Sad, really.
  • My very expensive Bose home theater system is having problems. This is making me very sad. I am downloading the Pilot episode of Jericho currently.
  • I seem to be going to bed earlier and earlier. Maybe it's because I'm not doing much. Or I'm tired from work. Still, it's sad when a single guy is in bed at 9PM.
That's pretty much it. Stay tuned. I'll let you all know what I think of Jericho. Anyone else have a good weekend?

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Anonymous said...

That's all very interesting, G. But what did you eat?