Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Greetings friends,

First, speedy recovery wishes to Mikie after her surgery today. I'm sure she will be up on her feet in no time. May the drugs they give you be really, really good ones.

Sorry for the lack of posting, but this week has been nuts. So to summarize:

  1. Graham has to teach a class Tues, Weds, and Thursday that he just learned the material on last week. Graham did not know about this class until 5 minutes before class started, which was an hour from Graham.
  2. Graham's boss resigns on Tuesday morning, sending things into even greater chaos than they were when he was there.
  3. Graham gets acting manager job this morning...and is a little scared
So that's what's going addition to the other nuts stuff like grad school and exisiting crap. Oh, and my good friends Sam and Lizzie sent me photos from their wedding, which was this spring. The photos are of me. Which makes you wonder, "Why the hell do I want drunken photos of myself?" I'd rather have drunken photos of other friends. My roommate thinks I should put them up in my new office, like people do with their kids photos. I just may do that.

Hope everyone is having a great week.


Tory Davis said...

Congratulations on the (sort of?) promotion! You're one step closer to absolute power.
And I second the 'framed drunken photos' thing. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

get your ass back from gotham and update your blog...

maikib said...

haha-- jeff has the right idea. why should the people with kids get all the photo glory. us single people have to stick together and represent. thanks for the post-surgery shout out. drugs have been good (if only to keep me in a hazy stupor), and bed rest isn't all bad (esp. with things like electric beds and call buttons with nurses on the other end that bring said drugs). also, hospitals have wifi now. very convenient for the blogging generation.